Featured on CP24!!

There’s been a huge buzz this week! CP24 used my sign in one of their articles which is on point with the current real estate climate.

Over the course of my career I have been and sold houses which were record high at the time prices but sadly, they’re set to increase, not to my surprise. Some good news though, interest rates remain fairly low with a record low last month of 0.25%, which gave everyone the rush to and continue buying.

Despite the prices going up, investors continue to make up 25% of the market which is a great idea for not only owning property but collecting some revenue from it as well!! The popularity of investor buying has doubled from the beginning of COVID 19.

Over the course of my career I have dealt with many investor buying and it is a great way of generating “passive” revenue.

This is a great way to combat the increasing prices of the market!

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