Hotter than July 2021

In 2019, I was super stoked about what 2020 had to bring. I intended to see things more clearly and have a better vision for the future and then Covid-19 hit. It has been an interesting two years.  I believe this pandemic created a pause to teach us something.  We were all forced to slow down and reflect and found ourselves confronted with the truth and the planet had a chance to breathe. From the murder of George Floyd by law enforcement, to the discovery of the native children buried at our Residential Schools, hidden atrocities that were always there in the past, came to light in 2020. 

Gradually, things do change, and acknowledgement and communication are great first steps. The Real S. Taitt market changes gradually as well, which causes your market value to double every 10 years approximately.  Therefore, Real Estate is still a great investment.

After working 30 years in the Real Estate industry, I’m starting to feel old and realized that at the end of the day, I’m finding someone a place to live and that ranks right at the bottom on the hierarchy of needs but at the top of their vision board.  It is a great honour to work with people and families and to help them navigate in some cases the largest transaction of their lives.  Moving, whether it’s residential or commercial, is always stressful, and my team lays out a plan and budget to remove the stress.  The other really cool thing about being in the business this long is the exposure to new technology.  Staying up-to-date with the latest apps and software allows me to market your property in new, as well as, traditional ways, creating a win/win situation with an accessible platform for all.

Things change slowly so try to be on the right side of change.  The average price in Toronto is $1,089,536. Here’s a great article about some places in Ontario that are still under $250,000.  

Enjoy your summer and stay safe and hopefully this pandemic will be in the rear view mirror soon.



Increasing Market