Since we live in neighbourhoods with homes built pre and post World War 1 into the early 1900’s and before World War ll, needless to say, some of these homes are pretty crappy.   Toronto being the brick city of Canada, we have a generous supply of brick homes with brick foundations.   Although really well built in the 1920’s and 1930’s, some homes are beginning to show their wear and tear.

Some homes are extremely cold in the winter; I guess Canadians were a lot tougher back then. I can only speak from experience because when I open my closet, I have no need to check what the weather man has to say.  I sell a lot of homes in the downtown areas of Toronto, and seriously must find better adjectives than crappy or nasty to describe these solidly built homes.   Most people have upgraded their wiring and windows, but some are left with a long list of upgrades to bring their cool, sophisticated, urban pad up to the 21st century.

That brings me to the desire to own one of these new slick, ultra modern homes or even a new home for that matter, without being stuck on the highway having to drive for more than 10 minutes.    The supply of new single family residential dwellings less than 10 years old is less than 10% in the city.  Ultimately, that means the builders are sitting pretty, and over time people will pay more and more for a smaller new construction home.    One home was removed to create these two new homes in the photo above.   Although the prices of these homes are quite consistent, the quality varies drastically from builder to builder.  I have aligned myself with quality builders and have a great deal of experience with new construction and materials.   Buyers should do their due diligence when seeking new construction as the choice of materials will have an overall affect for the longevity of the dwelling and the overall value.

If you’re thinking about securing a newer home and leaving your small urban digs behind, be sure to check with me first, as you might be able to choose your colours.