New Starbucks at Monarch Park/Danforth

There is a new Starbucks opening at Danforth Ave and Monarch Park at 1417 Danforth Avenue.   These little mermaid coffee shops seem to be popping up everywhere.   If a Starbucks pops up in your neighbourhood, it usually is a good thing.  They are undeniably tied to higher property values.    Once a Starbucks franchise chooses your neighbourhood it seems to provide an assurance for buyers that the neighbourhood is good, safe and affluent.   It is obvious that their head office has a keen eye on up and coming neighbourhoods and developing areas.    I personally have a love/hate relationship with Starbucks.   I find myself wandering in there almost every day to order a dark roast coffee.   It’s not that I don’t enjoy their coffee, it’s that I hate spending the two dollars every day and having a habit or ritual that I do regularly, as it feels more like an addiction.   I hate the fact that some people spend way more than that every day, when they probably should be saving for their child’s education.  I’m quite sure rich people go to Tim Horton’s.  I also dislike the fact that those university educated baristas are forced to memorize my order, when they are most likely more focused on paying off their student loans.   I don’t want to sound bitter or ungrateful as I do appreciate the value added to the neighbourhoods in which I work and sell real estate.   Without question the “little mermaid” has added value and confidence to the purchaser who may be unfamiliar with the area and/or may be from out of town, as it provides comfort, warmth and a feeling of home.   This new Starbucks at Danforth and Monarch Park is having their grand opening on February 17th 2016 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and sure to provide family friendly activities and lots of free stuff.   So welcome to the neighbourhood Starbucks and thank you for adding value to these great Toronto neighbourhoods.